Coroplast Printing offers affordable real estate sign manufacturing for the entire nation and southern California. Our company is based out of Temecula, Ca. We have worked with of the top Real Estate Agents in the nation. When looking for a top Real Estate Sign Company, it is important to find a company that can produce small amounts to very large amounts of signs per order. We offer a digital printing service that replicates that ability of the clients artwork while keeping the cost to our clients. When you hire Coroplast Printing, you are dealing directly with the printer.


We offer all types of Real Estate Signs. Our company model is provide different types of materials, sizes and riders while keeping the quality of the sign up to our company standards. Most Real Estate Professionals prefer a “coroplast” or corrugated material for their open house signs. We can also offer pvc material, wood board, aluminum and any material that satisfies that preference of our clients.

Real Estate Sign Company

Real Estate Sign Sizes

Our clients normally go with 32×24 and 24 x 18 signs that better promote their homes that they are selling. Our printer that prints the Real Estate Signs can print our clients any size up to eight foot wide. The benefit of being able to print any size real estate signs allows our clients to separate themselves from the normal or average Real Estate Agents. We consider ourselves a partner in leading the way for our clients to stand amongst their Real Estate Competitors.

Custom Real Estate Signs

Our company believes that making a custom sign is really why you are on the search for a new real estate sign company, besides for affordability and cost effective pricing. So to keep in mind we like to consider ourselves the cheapest sign manufacture in America for high end digital printing. We definitely consider ourselves the highest quality Real Estate Sign Company in today’s market. We have the ability to print any custom art work and match any colors that may be out there.

Areas of Business

Yes, we do serve the entire United States. Though our work does show up in some very predominate areas. Where you may have seen a sign printed by our very own printer. The following areas is where Coroplast Printing has predominately serve the top Real Estate professionals.

California Real Estate Signs offers affordable price for the following type of Real Estate Sign: San Diego, Temecula, Orange County, Riverside, and Los Angeles.

Please contact us if you have any questions. You can also visit our other website for easy online ordering of you real estate sign needs