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Over Size Printing

When it comes to jobs that are just too big, require a faster turnaround time or lower set-up costs than silk-screening, we are usually the best option you can find for over size printing . With our HP FB950 digital UV ink printer and its 8’ wide flatbed and belt drive, we print with great speed & efficiency. Our printer never gets tired so we can print around the clock. In addition to Coroplast, we print on numerous other substrates including: Acrylic, Aluminum, Lexan, Foam-Cor, GatorBoard, PVC, Sintra, UltraBoard, DiBond, OmegaBond, OmegaBoard and more.

If it’s white or clear, thin or up to 2 5/8” thick, you really should call us. Resolution of your printing job can be as high or low as your job requires. Standard resolution is 600×300 dpi but we print up to 1200×600 dpi, high quality mode. Prices vary based upon specifications but we aim to please the eye as well as your budget. We will print your job to the proper dot size as well as the penny.

The biggest advantage that you can get from flatbed digital printing is the ability to do over size print jobs plus the versatility that it offers. No matter what type of material, shape, or what size of the material you want us to print on, as long as it has a flat surface and does not exceed the maximum size of the printable area. We can print on it.

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