Coroplast Signs

Coroplast is a high-quality polypropylene twin-wall sheet that has a well known reputation for being one of the highest quality of corrugated plastic sheets. Coroplast provides high durability because it is waterproof, resistant to stains and most chemicals. Coroplast is lightweight and fairly sturdy. Plus, it comes in various colors.

What Are Coroplast Signs?

Have you seen tons of yards signs that are marketing businesses or promotions on the side of the road? If yes, then most likely you have seen a this type of sign. These signs are printed on a material called corrugated plastic. The material is strong durable waterproof material that is easy to print on. The company that manufactures this particular sign is Coroplast which is based in Dallas, Tx.

Why Use Coroplast Signs?

Coroplast signs compared to traditional material are an affordable way to spend advertising dollars. Many companies choose this method to increase visual presence in a wide area. The affordability of this particular sign can be purchased in large quantities for an affordable price compared to traditional sign methods.

What Sizes Can You Order Coroplast Signs In?

Coroplast Signs can be order in all types of sizes. The size of the sign depends on the sign printing company that you order from. The most common coroplast sign size is 24″ x 18″. With the right sign printing company you order a very large sign. The standard sheet of Coroplast material is 4′ x 8′.

Coroplast Signs Plus More

Styrene signs is one of many of our products that we provide for our clients. We can actually help out with more than just styrene signs. This allows certain clients to order multiple signage for a campaign or product advertising. We currently print coroplast signs, foam board, styrene signs, banners, wall murals, and outdoor signs. Give us a call today for a quote.